BoA (보아) - Starry Night (Feat. Crush)

Release Date: 2019. 12. 11.
Status: Released
Artist : Boa

Director of Photography
1st AC
Minhyeok Hong
2nd AC
Hyesoo Kim
3rd AC
Kyumin Shin
Mike Kim
Key Grip
Dillon Puswald
US Production
Angler Production
Christopher Lee
1st AD
David Lee
Production Manager
Tyler Gorky
Location Manager
Jennifer Sonnenfeld
Casting Director
Kate Antognini
Prop Master
Emily Choimuik
Production Assistant
Brian Alexander, Ross Sloan, Orril Stancil, Jamaal, Christopher Ruballo, Marianna
Edit & 2D Support
88Gymnastic Heroes
선우정아 (SWJA) - 도망가자 (Run With Me) (by ADMIN) 백예린 (Yerin Baek) - Popo (How deep is our love?) (by ADMIN)


Release Date 2019.12.30 Director Oroshi
Release Date 2019.12.27 Director paranoid paradigm
Release Date 2019.12.22 Director Kyeonghwan Lim
Release Date 2019.12.17 Director Aarch
Release Date 2019.12.13 Director Sunghwi
Release Date 2019.12.13 Director Hobin
Release Date 2019.12.12 Director Hobin
Release Date 2019.12.11 Director Junwoo Lee
Release Date 2019.12.10 Director Hobin
Release Date 2019.12.07 Director Cocky
Release Date 2019.12.05 Director Jinsoo Chung
Release Date 2019.12.05 Director Inhoon Lee
Release Date 2019.12.03 Director Sunghwi
Release Date 2019.12.02 Director Woogie Kim
Release Date 2019.12.02 Director Previex
Release Date 2019.11.30 Director Naive
Release Date 2019.11.27 Director paranoid paradigm
Release Date 2019.11.18 Director Naive
Release Date 2019.11.08 Director Raekyung Lee
Release Date 2019.11.05 Director paranoid paradigm
Release Date 2019.11.03 Director Wonmo Seong
Release Date 2019.11.03 Director Sunghwi
Release Date 2019.10.29 Director Sunghwi
Release Date 2019.10.28 Director Inhoon Lee
Release Date 2019.10.23 Director Inhoon Lee
Release Date 2019.10.21 Director Oui Kim, Yongseok Choi
Release Date 2019.10.21 Director Ga
Release Date 2019.10.07 Director Aarch