brite futures (npsh) - sophisticated side ponytail

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brite futures (npsh) - sophisticated side ponytail from that go on Vimeo.

music video for brite futures (natalie portman's shaved head)
directed by that go (noel paul & stefan moore)

redux DP: michael ragen
hair/makeup: jennifer popochock
style: carey denniston, sophia goldfarb
production manager: tristan seniuk
art: matthew salton
PA: julie cochran
stills: chona kasinger
additional collage art contributions from: jpegmess, mollie fabric, matthew salton

special thanks to the beta movement, randy irwin, mollie fabric, mike prevette, ryan rothermel

production stills:
quicktime at

video extended in 2009

BLOOMS: Strobe Animated Sculptures Invented by John Edmark (by EXE) POINTE PHENOMENON (by EXE)

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